“My first thought is why would someone want to do that.” said Austin Winslow, Student at Hillel Student Center.

Austin has been a member at the Hillel at the Jewish Center for 3 years now.

He says, he’s never seen anything like this.

“I come outside and there are tears in the actual sukkah, the wood is on the ground broken.” Winslow added.

Director Cindy Hughey came into work yesterday morning when this caught her attention.

When she walked outside, she noticed it was destroyed.

“Another staff member and I went and started to investigate our security cameras. That’s when we realized 2 males who had entered the patio area and had purposely destroyed the sukkah.” said Cindy Hughey, Director at MSU Hillel Jewish Center.

Sukkah is a hut built for people to come together for the holiday “Sukkoth”

While the center does not believe this was an act of antisemitism.

It does not make it easier.

“Its always a disappointment, because you always wonder why. Why does someone bother to do that, its destructive behavior for absolutely no reason what so ever.” Hughey added.

It is not the first time they’ve experienced something like this.

“We have had egging, windows broken. Spray painting messages..whether it was swastikas or things that say ‘kill jews’. Literature left on our door step that was definitely anti-Jewish and we’ve had unfortunately death threats.” Hughey added.

So far, there have been no arrest made.

Police say they’ve been getting plenty of tips.

As for Austin, he says this kind of stuff is disappointing, but all people at the center can do is rise above it.

“With something like this happening, its good that we know how to learn from it and move on from it as well.” Winslow added.