EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The CEO of an East Lansing-based software company is behind bars Tuesday after allegedly stealing the personal data of Los Angeles county poll workers.

Investigators said they have collected hard drives and other evidence from several offices tied to Eugene Yu’s company, Konnech. Police said much of that personal information from poll workers ended up overseas in China.

“Mr. Yu is currently in custody in Michigan and we’re seeking to extradite him to Los Angeles county in connection to theft of personal data of election workers storing this information on servers outside of the United States,” said LA County District Attorney George Gascón.

An investigation between the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, Meridian Township and East Lansing police led to the arrest of 51-year-old Yu.

Yu is the president and CEO of Konnech, a software company that was contracted to manage LA county election workers’ employment records. Police said he was arrested during a traffic stop at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning while search warrants were done at several offices and his home.

“As you can imagine, there is a large amount of evidence that needs to be collected, secured and transported back to Los Angeles in this case. Our computer forensics team is highly regarded for their expertise and is working diligently to secure this evidence,” said LA Bureau of Investigation Chief Robert Arcos.

In a statement, Konnech said any data the company had was provided by LA county and suggests it was not stolen.

Investigators said in 2020, the company had a $2.9 million five-year contract to store data within the United States. But officials said an unrelated investigation lead to a suspicion that data was being stored on Chinese servers. District attorney George Gascón clarified that the data does not affect election results or vote counts.

As another election day draws near, he said data protection is serious.

“Personal information of those people that are working in the system be stored in servers in the U.S. Storing this information outside of the U.S. is a crime”, Gascón said.

Investigators are still looking for a motive but don’t believe the information was sold or stored on any other overseas servers.