EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The East Lansing Hot Yoga studio sits a few miles away from MSU’s Berkey Hall, where a mass shooting occurred Monday night. 

While the shooting was happening, studio manager Preety Otal was teaching the 8 p.m. class.

Otal had to inform her students of the tragic news.

“It was absolutely heartbreaking to have to tell these students that were absolutely blissed out,” said Otal. “To tell them that this tragedy was going on around the area and to uproot them from the idea of safety and security, which is what we all look for.”

As an act of solidarity, the studio is hosting free yoga classes all day. The studio aims to provide a safe space for people in the community to process and breathe after Monday’s traumatizing events.

Otal said she hopes that her students will find “presence” to begin healing. She added that “presence” allows individuals to show up for themselves and others around them.

“Coming into your breath gives you the idea of reclaiming, of being strong and being able to handle what life is coming your way right now,” Otal said. 

Those who are interested in taking a class can check the Mindbody app for more information on registering for classes.