EATON RAPIDS, Mich. (WLNS) — A group of veterans and their families were treated to a cooking class at the VFW National Home in Eaton Rapids on Saturday.

It’s called Cooking with a Veteran. Host Dave Rogers said he created the program after seeing fellow veterans struggle to afford a decent meal.

“It started during the pandemic,” said Rogers. “What I found was that a lot of WW2 veterans and a lot of Korean veterans were not getting hot meals during the pandemic because a lot of kitchens closed.”

Now, Rogers is being invited around the country to teach veterans and their families how to create a tasty and affordable meal.

“He showed us how to you know take one meal and expand upon multiple meals and how to change it so you’re not just eating the exact same meal over and over again,” said attendee Kristin Johnson.

The show not only teaches how to create new meals but also how to use scraps to save money.

“The ends of your celery or the ends of the carrot that you’re not going to use in the pot pie you can later put those in a pot with some water and you can make it into a broth instead of having to go buy vegetable broth from the store.” Said Johnson.

Cooking with a Veteran has goals in the future to expand to multiple cities across the country to help as many veterans as possible.