LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A gun violence prevention group hosted a press conference across the street from the Michigan State Capitol Wednesday, demanding legislative changes to prevent gun violence.

End Gun Violence Michigan (EGVM) is pushing for three bills to be passed by the Michigan legislature that will require the following:

  • Universal background checks for all firearms, meaning that lawmakers should change one word in the law, from pistols to firearm. At this time, if you have a long riffle or automatic weapon, you don’t need a background check.
  • In homes where minors live, guns should be locked up with no ammunition.
  • Anyone who poses harm to themselves or others can have a firearm temporarily removed by a judge, at the request of a family member.

One high schooler shared their account of being just seven years old when the Sandy Hook shooting happened, and said they were at today’s event to represent those that were killed as a result of gun violence.

“I was born in Dec. 2005,” said High School Sophomore Lucy Goebel. “And on Dec. 14, 2012, the Sandy Hook shooting happened. So why I’m here is to represent those bodies that aren’t here and to fill the void that they left by advocating for them because they can’t.”