LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Approximately 10 million people across the country struggle with seasonal depression, with the vast majority facing it during the winter months.

Research shows people struggle mainly due to fewer hours of sunlight at this time of year, which can have both physical and emotional impacts.

Mark Ostach, a wellness expert who works with mid-Michigan companies, says common seasonal depression symptoms include: stress, fatigue, weight gain, social isolation, and lack of motivation.

After studying Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for over a decade, Ostach says the best ways to avoid feeling down include: getting as much sunlight as possible, limiting your time on your digital devices, and reaching out to someone you trust.

Ostach has battled seasonal blues for 15 years now, which has motivated him to continue helping others who’ve similarly struggled.

“As someone who has experienced SAD or seasonal blues almost every year, I also have a desire to fight out of that trap, because there is too much on the line right, life is precious, and every day that goes by is a gift and if you’re not receiving and opening that gift, then you’re missing out.”

Mark Ostach, Wellness Expert and Keynote Speaker

Health experts say having a set routine for your day and continuing healthy habits can be effective if your battling seasonal depression.

Other methods to improve your wellness include using light therapy, anti-depressant medication, and talk therapy.