CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) — The Eaton County Fairgrounds were bustling during the weekend with the Home and Business Expo.

According to organizers, more than 2,500 attendees came, being treated to more than 80 local businesses and organizations.

One non profit, Focus on Love, uses photography to teach kids and parents how to handle and understand their mental health.

“We take the kids out to the farm sanctuary where they get to interact with animals and see how the animals behave and how they show their emotions,” said Sydney Hummel, the treasurer for Focus on Love. “Then we kind of tie that into how we feel and our emotions and how maybe their friends may act sad or mad.”

Of the businesses there, some have been in the game for some time, but for other entrepreneurs, they just got their start.

Take 10-year-old Samuel Bliss, for example. Bliss’ service is one that dog owners everywhere can appreciate, poop-scooping.

Bliss business has been gaining some recognition from locals who love the kiddo’s business motto: “They poop it, we scoop it.”

He was just nine-years-old when he started his business, all for his love of video games. Bliss said he also got some inspiration from his friends.

“It was my friends idea, they started their own business and I was like ‘Well my mom is not just go on Amazon and buy me a [Nintendo] Switch, so I might as well do this.'”

For just $20, Bliss will not only just clean up your yard, he will also let you now if your dog is healthy.

While business is good for Bliss, he always looking for more clients.