(UPDATE 5:40 p.m.)– Like many hospitals around the country, Henry Ford is doing everything they can to make sure that they slow the spread of COVID-19 and treat those who currently have it.

To show their appreciation, some local first responders put together a parade for the frontline workers in this hospital today.

Public safety officer Paul Long says as tough as it is for first responders to help people with COVID-19, it’s even harder for people taking care of patients around the clock.

“They’re on the move 24 hours, seven days a week,” Long says. “They’re with the patients all the time. We can just relax and let our minds go a little bit easier than they can.”

Whether they were watching from the windows or out on the street taking pictures, many of the nurses and hospital staff said it was nice to be reminded that the community has their back.

“I’m an emotional person anyway,” says hospital worker Amy Todd, “so it’s just really cool to see everybody come together from the community of Jackson and other, even outlying areas.”

“This whole thing was about, to say “Hey, we’re here for you,” Long says. “Hopefully, this lifts their spirits for at least today.”

The workers at the hospital were very appreciative of that parade, and they want everyone to know that they will continue to do what they can to slow and stop this virus as much as possible.

JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Dozens of first responders just held a parade in front of Henry Ford Hospital in Jackson as a way to say thank you to frontline workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are deeply honored that our community’s first responders would come together in such a powerful show of support for our frontline workers,” said Paula Autry, President and CEO of Henry Ford Allegiance Health. “These first responders are heroes in their own right, and their recognition means all that much more because of the sacrifices they make to keep us safe and protected every day.”

Twenty-four agencies from Jackson and Washtenaw counties participated, according to a report by our media partners at MLive. The parade was organized by Blackman-Leoni Public Safety Officer Paul Long.