Flu season starts early in Mid-Michigan

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LANSING, MICH. (WLNS) — We haven’t even made it into fall, but cases of the flu are already being reported across mid-Michigan.

Doctors want Michiganders to be proactive when it comes to their health and they’re now urging you to get the flu vaccine as soon as possible.

Sparrow Nurse Practitioner Megan Hohl said, “A lot of times we don’t start seeing a lot of the flu cases until more of November, December, but we’ve already seen multiple cases of influenza B in our urgent cares and fast cares just now in September.”

You can get the virus at any age, but certain age groups are more at risk than others. Hohl said this includes children up to 5-years-old and the elderly.

“They have higher risks of developing complications such an pneumonia, ear infection, needing to go to the hospital,” said Hohl.

The CDC reports this year’s flu vaccines are updated to better match viruses expected to be circulating in the country.

April Shepherd is a mother and said, “I would say get the shot to protect yourself and your kids and other people.”

Former Physician Jary Smith said, “I can’t recall having the flu because I’ve always gotten the flu shot.”

As a retired physician, Smith knows what a headache the flu can be.

“So I use to see all the people with the flu,” Smith said. “I’m quite familiar with all the symptoms and yeah they did get quite sick. There’s no doubt about it.”

Shepherd said when she had the flu she went through a, “terrible fever and nausea and hot and cold.”

To protect yourself and those around you, Hohl said, “Get your flu vaccine and then wash your hands. Wash your hands. If you feel like your sick , ya know, try not to be around others in the community.”

And Hohl added to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, “Eating healthy food, getting adequate exercise and getting enough sleep.”

It’s just another way to battle this flu season.

Smith said, “People in this country that still die with the flu each year. It’s the real deal.”

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