LIVINGSTON CO., Mic. (WLNS) — Police in Unadilla Township arrested a man last Friday for a multiple felony count warrant, including a human trafficking charge.

The Unadilla Township Police Department shared more about the arrest Wednesday.

Daryl Lanzon has been charged with the following:

  • four counts of sexual assault
  • unlawful imprisonment
  • assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder or by strangulation
  • human trafficking
  • using a computer to commit a crime

Officials began investigating Lanzon in March 2022, after police received a tip about possible human trafficking from the FBI.

Detectives learned that Lanzon had allegedly befriended a victim via social media. She was more than 20 year’s Lanzon’s junior at the time.

Officials with Unadilla police said that the man was able to isolate the victim emotionally and financially, making her perform sex shows online to support the two. The man would allegedly then keep the money for himself.

Police said Lanzon took the victim to multiple states over the course of several years before settling in Michigan.

The victim was afraid to leave due to threats allegedly made by Lanzon to harm her and her family. She ended up staying for another five years before escaping in 2020.

A few years later, the survivor was ready to talk about what happened to her and she called the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

She said she wanted to ensure that this would not happen to someone else.

A search warrant was executed at Lanzon’s home by Unadilla Township police with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies.

At the time of the search, Lanzon was arrested for unrelated weapons charges.

Weapons, computers, cameras, and other things were taken by officials. Additional search warrants were obtained to examine the electronic devices.

The department recognized Investigator Ryan Hamlin for his work that went into the case.

The police department also shared some educational information regarding human trafficking and what it is.

While, it’s known to be a part of the sex trade, it can include other kinds of forced labor.

The department said that signs of human trafficking can include a person being disconnected from friends, family, school and social activities.

Other signs include pronounced changes in behavior, confusion, signs of mental or physical abuse as well as acting timid or submissive.

Victims are often being denied food, water or medication, and defer to someone who seems to control their activities and who they talk to.

If you suspect human trafficking, contact the police in your area or contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline by clicking here or calling 888-373-7888.