LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — For the first time in state history, two women from Michigan will be chairing the powerful House and Senate budget committees.

For the last forty years, Republicans have controlled the House and Senate budget committees, and most of the time men have been chairing those panels. Not anymore.

Lansing Democrat Senator-elect Sarah Anthony and Eaton County Rep. Angela Witwer will chair their respective appropriations committees and they have already met and started making changes.

“Senator Anthony and I will be working together to get our sub-committees together to have a better partnership with each other,” Witwer said.

Republican Rep. Tom Albert has run the House budget panel over the last few years, and Chair Witwer said she learned a lot of about what NOT to do.

“I think there was a lack of bi-partisanship and openness. I’m not that person,” Witwer said.

To prove her bipartisan chops, Witwer has turned to GOP Senator Jim Stamas, who was the chair of the Senate budget panel for years, for advice on how to do this job.

The two local female chairs begin making history together next month, something this region has never seen before.