LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan could have not one, but two candidates running for president in 2024.

Move over Perry Johnson and say hello to former mid-Michigan Republican Congressman Mike Rogers.

To be clear, he has not announced he is running for president, but he’s doing all sorts of stuff.

“I haven’t said no, but I also haven’t said yes yet,” said Rogers.

But just in case he does run, he went to the Iowa State Fair last summer, which might be the first state where a Republican presidential primary might be held. He’s also been to New Hampshire.

With former President Donald Trump already in the race, many would-be candidates are having second thoughts about taking him on. Not Mr. Rogers.

“If I ever made the decision to run, there is no candidate that would prevent me from doing that,” he said.

In fact, Rogers contends while Trump had some good policies, he is part of the problem with rhetorical part of politics today.

“When you look at the national politics, the sugar high of ‘I slammed my opponent and I get 400,000 likes on my Facebook page’ is not working,” said Rogers.

If the White House bid doesn’t work out, would Rogers run for Debbie Stabenow’s U.S. Senate seat?

With 14 years in congress, that would make sense, but he’s not sure about that either.

Rogers has privately talked with the big money sources in the GOP who want to keep the number of candidates to a minimum, because the more candidates there are, the better the chance for Trump.

It’s not confirmed, but Rogers is looking at the month of June for a decision on a bid for the White House.