Hunger doesn’t end at the holidays, and the Greater Lansing Food Bank is seeing an increasing need in food for families in 2023, with a decreasing number of volunteers.  

According to Kelly Miller from the Greater Lansing Food Bank, they are seeing a 25-30% increase in the number of households and families coming to their mobile distributions.

“Right now, overall, because of the issues with the economy, families are struggling. We’re starting to see that uptake and those lines. So you have families coming to the mobile distributions that are waiting in line for up to two hours,” Miller said. 

The Greater Lansing Food Bank has two new concerns this year. Inflation and busy schedules are now forcing them to rely on their mobilization efforts to get food to those who need it the most. 

Winter break is over and kids are back to school. Because of this, the mobile distribution program offers a more accessible way for families and kids to get the food they need, but they need more community members to join the movement. 

“So this time of year, especially with our mobile programs, we are looking for more committed volunteers. It’s a hard volunteer shift, it’s cold, and you’re outside, but the feeling that you get bundling up it’s a feeling of comradery and community and you really are making a difference every time you come out to volunteer at a mobile distribution,” Miller said. 

On the Greater Lansing Food Bank website, they have a calendar where busy families in need are able to plan a food pickup around their ‘back to school’ schedule. For volunteer opportunities, you can check on the ‘volunteer’ tab on the website as well. 

According to Miller, the cost of living is going up right now, but the reward one can get from helping deliver food directly to the hands of those that are struggling right now is priceless.