LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A pro-gun lobbyist group is threatening to recall any lawmaker who votes yes on Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s gun safety package.

MSU students are protesting and want lawmakers to vote yes on so-called gun safety legislation.

Great Lakes Gun Rights, a pro-gun lobbyist group, said it will recall any lawmaker who does that.

Will it work?

“It’s doable but its much harder than it was a few years ago,” said Bill Ballenger, a political commentator and former Republican member of the Michigan House and Senate.

Brendon Boudreau, a lobbyist with Great Lakes Gun Rights, was critical of the public outcry for more gun control laws following tragic events like the Oxford High School and MSU shootings.

“Passing laws because they feel good is not good public policy. That’s how bad laws are passed,” Boudreau said. “Guns are not the problem here.”

While threatening to recall lawmakers, Boudreau said he does not want to recall the governor. But he does want to recall enough Democrats in the House to give the Republicans control once more.

“People mounting a campaign, if that’s what it becomes, are trying to threaten and badger into submission any Democrats, or Republicans for that matter, who might support gun control measures,” Ballenger said.

Ten years ago, Republican Paul Scott was recalled and shortly after that, the GOP legislature passed laws making it tougher to oust any lawmaker, including mandating that the targeted lawmaker have an opponent in the recall election.

“Putting somebody on the ballot all by themselves, with the naysayers out there just able to say ‘thumbs up, thumbs down,’ like Caesar in a Roman colosseum, makes it pretty bad for the legislator that’s on the ballot,” Ballenger said.

But the pro-gun lobby doesn’t have to launch a petition, as the mere threat of one will hang over the debate and could influence the final vote.

The other side will likely urge lawmakers to be more concerned about the lives of students, rather than their own political life.