LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Michigan Senate, despite objections from Republicans and the pro-gun lobby, has passed three gun safety bills. Sponsors argue this will save lives, while opponents across the aisle disagree.

Stronger background checks, locking away guns, and giving courts the authority to take firearms away from those who could abuse them were adopted Thursday.

The recent memory of the shooting at Michigan State University hung over Thursday’s debate.

“Would they have stopped MSU? No,” said Republican Senator Joe Bellino. “What they would do is take away gun rights from law-abiding citizens. I urge a ‘no’ vote that won’t prevent future violence.”

The two sides strongly disagreed on whether these bills would save lives, and in an interesting twist, two senators disagreed on the impact these measures would impact women’s safety.

Senator Michelle Hoitenga called the bills’ promise to save lives “impossible.”

“These gun control proposals will endanger the lives of women,” said Hoitenga. “At 5-foot-2 I choose to defend myself with my pistol.”

Senator Stephanie Chang had other thoughts.

“The best way we can protect women is to take guns away from those who would hurt women,” said Chang. “This definitely will save women’s lives.”

Every Republican voted against the bills, and every Democrat voted in favor of the bills.

The three bills now go to the Michigan House of Representatives for more debate.