Health department encourages people to avoid outdoor activities as EEE cases increase

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LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – It’s being called a serious threat to public health in Michigan, but we’re not talking about the Coronavirus. This is called Eastern Equine Encephalitis also known as Triple E – one of the most dangerous, deadly mosquito-borne viruses.

However, Triple-E is no stranger to Michigan. The disease was here last year, but in 2020 cases have doubled.

Triple-E has been confirmed in 22 horses in 10 counties in Michigan, including one case near Grass Lake in Jackson County. There have been no cases in humans this season, but health officials say.. people are at a high risk. It only takes one bite to become ill, symptoms include headache, fever, chills and seizures and appear in four to 10 days. This dangerous disease has a 33-percent fatality rate in people who become ill.

Rashmi Travis, health department officer in Jackson County says right now there’s only treatment for animals.

Travis says, “There is no treatment for Triple-E in humans usually its supportive therapy that’s provided if individuals need therapy treatments from the hospital as supportive measures but there is preventative measures that you can take in terms of aerial treatment that can reduce the mosquito population.”

An aerial treatment is expected to begin on Wednesday and last three to five days.
A twin-engine plane will spray a tablespoon of treatment per acre.

Health officials say this treatment will kill adult mosquitoes.
In addition to this health officials are encouraging people to avoid being outside for too long and they say you should wear long sleeves and apply insect repellent.

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