JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Henry Ford Health is preparing to open a milk bank for its patients pending accreditation by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

Erin McGreal-Miller spearheaded the project, wanting to help mothers get access to breast milk for their babies.

The Jackson milk bank will be the second one in Michigan.

“It is so important,” said McGreal-Miller. “We know that breast milk is the best nutrition for babies, but they don’t always have access to their mom’s own breast milk.”

She said that when an infant cannot drink its mother’s milk, the next best thing is pasteurized donor human milk.

That’s where moms like Brittany Ganton come in.

“You know it’s like liquid gold, they call it,” said mother Brittany Ganton.

She was one of the first to donate. As a mom of two, Ganton knows how big of an impact the milk bank can have.

“Breast milk isn’t as easy as going to get a prescription,” she said.

The bank is in need of donations, and the process to become a donor is simple and safe.

After calling the bank, donors go through a screening process.

Then, they drop off their milk, which will be stored in a freezer before going through machines that mix and prepare the milk before it goes through a lab test.

“Only once we get those back and two people review all the records to that batch of milk, can it be released to be given to babies,” said McGreal-Miller.

While the milk currently goes directly to hospital patients, the hope is that more donations will be able to help more mothers around Jackson.

Brittany encourages any mom to donate if they can.

“We’re the only way that babies can get it,” she said.

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