HOLT, Mich. (WLNS) — Holt High School is hosting a mock school-wide election for its students on Monday, just a day before the midterm election.

The school wants to prepare its students to be able to make informed decisions of their own when they are able to vote.

An allotted time will be taken out of students’ schedules so they can participate.

The school has been hosting mock elections since 2008 to help educate students on various issues in the real world such as health care, education, the economy, and the environment.

The mock election gives students an opportunity to get a sense of what a democracy looks and feels like.

“I want the kids to feel like it’s not something that’s inaccessible, and be turned off by you know some of the negative nature of the rhetoric we hear these days,” said Gavin Sykes-Mclaughlin, U.S. History Teacher at Holt High School.

The school says they try to make the mock election as realistic as possible to the midterm election.

Three polling precincts will be set up across the school where students can vote throughout the day.