CHARLOTTE. Mich. (WLNS) — SIREN Eaton Shelter says it has seen it’s largest increase in homelessness ever, up 40% from last year.

Members of the shelter say upticks come especially during the winter months.

“This time is kind of delicate for people who you know don’t have family they can rely on or go back to,” said Gregory Davis, Program Director at SIREN Eaton Shelter.

So far in 2022, they’ve given out 20,000 meals to those in need and helped over 160 homeless families.

“You can literally call and say there is a need and we’re going to try and help you fill that need,” Davis said.

You don’t have to be a resident of the shelter to get help, anyone is welcome in.

“We will give out diapers to the community, we give out formula, we give out clothes, we give out gas vouchers, we give out laundry vouchers,” Davis said.

As a way to bring homelessness numbers down, the shelter has been hosting events almost every week, including its Christmas shopping program. Families can come in and pick out any gifts for free.

“Get gifts for yourself, your children, there are no barriers. There are limits, of course, we want to be able to help everyone, but with how our community is helping us by showing up, I think we will have enough to help everyone.”

Gregory Davis, Program Director at SIREN Eaton Shelter

Davis found himself needing assistance at one point in his life and now he wants to help others get the resources they need.

“I am able to understand what they go through and I am able to treat them like my friends. I wear hoodies to work every day, I’m not the kind of director who wears a suit, because the community that I serve I want them to feel comfortable with me and for them to know that, I am here with you.”

Gregory Davis, Program Director at SIREN Eaton Shelter

As numbers climb, the shelter is in critical need of more volunteers.