When preparing your house for Christmas with loads of decorations, it’s important to take certain precautions.

You don’t want to wind up like Clark Griswold in “Christmas Vacation,” who knocks out his entire neighborhood’s power grid with improperly set up lights.

According to expert decorators, one of the most important steps is to always use sturdy climbing equipment.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control show that the majority of holiday decorating falls are from ladders. People are also prone to falling from their rooftops while mounting decorations like light displays and inflatable Santa sleighs.

Safe ladder use includes securing the ladder firmly on the ground or using ladder leg levelers.

Experts also say that you shouldn’t stand up on the top three rungs of a ladder. You should also never reach your arms out far enough that the buckle of your belt is outside of the right or left rail of the ladder.

You should also remember a couple important tips about handling electricity safely.

For example, if your ladder is made of metal, note that a live wire from a holiday light could cause electrocution if it touches the metal of the ladder directly.

And finally, consider saving alcohol for after the job is done. Drunkenness and ladder-climbing does not mix.