How to keep pests from “bugging” you this summer

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They get into your trash and search your house for crumbs.

It’s that time of year, when ants are the most active.

“Now is the time when ants are coming in from the outside. They are look for little scraps of food to eat or maybe a drink of water.” said Howard Russell, Entomologist at Michigan State University.

According to the Regional Director from Griffin Pest Solution, the extremely wet Spring we experienced is causing ants to invade homes.

“With the increase in moisture you’re actually flushing them out of their homes, so they are looking for a dryer place.” said Mark Davenport, Eastern Regional Director for Griffin Pest Solutions.

With that moisture comes a certain type of ant that people should be concerned about.

“With the carpenter ant, once they invade they will work on the wet wood first. Then work into the wood in the home. Carpenter ants can cause a bit of economic damage.” Davenport added.

And your garden you have been working on all season? It can attract ants into your home.

It is recommended you keep them away from your home.

“A foot or more away from the house. I know a lot of times people enjoy the vines growing on their house and all their doing is creating pathways, for the ants to come in.” Davenport added.

Davenport also recommends window and door seals to prevent insects from crawling in your home.

Over the counter products will work to kill pests right away, but wont keep them away for too long.

If you are experiencing severe pests issues, you can always call a professional.

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