LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Halloween is over and for many, that means the Christmas season is here.

If you have been to the store this week there’s no doubt you’ve noticed a Christmas explosion.

In fact, this year we are getting a double-dose of Christmas cheer.

If you remember last year, supply chain back ups prompted a shortage of a lot of our favorite holiday décor, from lights to yard ornaments, gift boxes and everything in between.

Retailers had ordered it, but it came in after the Christmas season. So not only are retailers hoping you head out to deck the halls and help get rid of last year’s and this year’s supply,
they’re also hoping to get holiday shoppers who are already in the spirit through the doors.

Some experts say people are ready to shop earlier than ever before due to the historic levels of inflation.

If you’re looking for some new Christmas decorations, now might be the time to hit the stores.