HOWELL, Mich. (WLNS) — Well on this Christmas holiday, veterans who served on the frontlines are giving back to health care workers on the frontline, American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars delivered warm meals to first responders.

But this year, with high COVID-19 cases they wanted to make sure health care workers received a special holiday meal.

“Its tough times right now and they are working overtime, they’re working extra. If we can bring that, you know, little slice of happiness to them, that’s just what we want,” said Jeffrey Knight

Knight is part of the Sons of the American Legion, and for the past five years, he’s volunteered with the Post’s Christmas dinner.

Along with serving the public, it gives Knight and other members a chance to catch up while doing something good.

“It’s not huge but its a give back, its our way of doing what we can. And you know, its fun to get with everybody and like I said we see everybody every year,” said Knight.

Julie Epley, co-coordinator, says that today’s mission of getting hot meals to seniors and first responders could not have been done without the community, especially when it came to the food.

“It’s mostly all donations, our club pays for anything we need to pay for. People donate turkeys, people donate desserts like a crazy amount of desserts… We get people from all over, its nice,” said Epley.

Epley says offering to-go and delivery orders have been a way to spread Christmas cheer, not germs.

“We had a couple of people come in that wanted meals that stopped right here in the doorway and said I am immune compromised, I don’t , I don’t want to come in. So we just said you know, people who were hand sanitized filled their boxes and brought them right outside to them,” said Epley.

With more than 70 turkeys, days of preparation and a lot of work from volunteers and organizers.

John Water, an EMS responder in from Livingston County says he’s grateful.

“It’s a wonderful feeling. The support from the community and the American Legion, we’re very appreciative,” said Waters.

Organizers say that with deliveries and in-person meals combined, they served 500 plates to mark the holiday.