LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Six former workers said racist remarks were constantly made to them and others while working at United Electrical Contractors. They said they’re taking justice into their own hands by taking the company to court. But the employer denies any wrongdoing.

The former employees are calling themselves the “United Six.” They said what unites them is the racism they experienced and witnessed from their superiors and coworkers at United Electrical Contractors. 

One of the former employees was Vance Murray. 

“Pretty much daily for sure the N-word flying around. I actually had it referred to me,” Murray said.

All six men gathered outside the Red Cedar Project in Lansing, which is a construction site Tyler Richardson once worked at. 

“This site right here is where my whole electrician experience was tainted. At this job site, I was not treated fairly. I was not given the same training as my other white employees were,” Richardson said. 

They said they routinely heard racist remarks and derogatory comments aimed at people of color. 

“When I jumped off the ladder there was a comment said like, ‘Hey does this remind you of when you guys jumped the border?’ Which really hurt a lot,” said Gabriel Tavera, one of the “United Six.” 

Murray said complaints to the company were not taken seriously. 

“I have documentation of these things I’ve presented to them with no resolve to this day,” Murray said. 

In a statement sent to 6 News, the President of United Electrical Contractors, Scott Flegler, said the complaints are “unfounded allegations.” He also said they were never previously brought forward to anyone.

“We take any claims of discrimination extremely seriously and have a track record of doing so.”

Scott Flegler, President of United Electrical Contractors

An attorney representing the six men, Richard Mack, said they’ll leave it up to the courts.

“But make no mistake, we will fight for justice we will demand justice from united electrical contractors,” Mack said. 

Someone standing in support of the “United Six” is Detroit pastor, Reverend Charles Williams. He said he’s been in contact with American civil rights activist, Reverend Al Sharpton about this case.