IZZO LEGACY RUN/WALK: Keeping motivated as race nears

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We’re now about two weeks away from the first-ever Izzo Legacy Run/Walk on April 13.  The event is sponsored in part by Auto-Owners, WLNS-TV and the experts at Playmakers.

It’ll be a big day but staying motivated until then can be a challenge.

Often people seemingly live life with the mantra, “why do today what I could put off for tomorrow?” But when it comes to your health and fitness, that approach can keep you from feeling, and looking, your best. 

We are all guilty of telling ourselves “I’m going to start…tomorrow” at one time or another. However, at some point you realize that good health and exercise is something you must start today…everyday

Obviously, managing family, work, and other obligations is challenging and can lead us to put off fitness or personal goals. We think we can’t find the time or it may even seem like an insurmountable hill to climb.

However, mom was right, “You never know until you try.” And, when it comes to starting to consistently run or walk, the hardest step is the one it takes to get out the door! 

Simply committing 20 minutes to yourself, putting on your shoes and taking that first step out the door each day is a major accomplishment for even the most dedicated. You must keep reminding yourself what research has already proven; getting in physical activity every day dramatically improves your mental and physical health. 

You must make exercise a prioritized routine during your day and don’t let anything get in your way. You can do it. Before work, during lunch break, after dinner, while you wait for your kids at practice, you can always carve out at least 20 minutes for yourself.

Another great way to stay with your commitment is to find a “training buddy”. Working out with someone else is a great way to raise your level of enjoyment and to hold yourself accountable for getting out the door! 

Changing your mindset from “I’ll do it tomorrow” to “I can’t wait to do it today” takes some time and commitment. It will happen once you realize you deserve all the physical and mental health benefits running and walking can bring you!

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