JACKSON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — The bond between humans and animals is often expressed through different sounds.

It’s a connection Nick and Jennie Pollak are working to build on through their organization Healing Hooves and Helping Paws.

“Here, it’s about family and relationship,” said founder Nick Pollak.

Nick has worked as a home-based therapist for more than two decades.

He said their mission is to give children with social and developmental challenges the opportunity to breathe, heal and grow in a safe space.

“They work through their own anxieties and worries and build self confidence, and it just kind of give them some mastery and just doing therapy and working with kids in the community,” said Pollak.

According to program coordinator Jennie Pollak, animals can sense emotions as well as what kind of day an individual is having.

“Kind of a non-judgmental relationship building where you know they don’t care what color my hair is you know they don’t care what kind of clothes that I wear,” she said.

Right now, the couple has nearly 60 animals.

Nick hopes that when kids leave, they walk away with a new perspective.

“That therapy doesn’t have to be this scary thing. Your mental health is more than just who you are but it’s your whole world and how you interact with things and being able to just step aside and take care of yourself, it’s really important.”

For ways to get involved with Healing Hooves and Helping Paws, click here.