JACKSON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — A new scam call, complete with a southern accent, is going around Jackson County.

According to Jackson County Sheriff Gary Schuette, the call is from a person claiming to be from Sgt. Watson and Sgt. Huttenlocker, who tells callers that they have missed a court date or jury duty.

The scammer will give a callback phone number that has a non-existent voicemail.

After contacting the scam phone number, the scammer will tell the caller that they have to pay money, send gift cards or prepaid credit cards to the Jackson County Treasurer’s Office to “avoid arrest.”

Schuette said that the scammer will use “strong-arm tactics” to try and keep the caller on the phone, then ask for the caller’s bank card pin and card number, saying that no one from the Treasurer’s Office is available to process the payment,

“No member of Law Enforcement will ever ask for payment over the phone, send gift cards, money, or checks to avoid arrest on any charges,” Schuette said. “Tell the scam caller that you are calling 911.”

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is actively conducting an investigation into the scam calls.