JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – A Jackson County high school student who police say made threats of violence was arrested peacefully thanks to a school resource officer and his relationship with students.

Back in December, a 20-year-old student was expelled from Napoleon Community Schools district after a domestic dispute.

Nathan Mann is in jail after making threats through phone calls and on social media.
Police say it started after Mann was expelled from school last December and just recently learned he wouldn’t be able to participate in the alternative high school’s graduation ceremony. The school made the decision to ban him from graduation following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend that happened on school grounds.

“He was still allowed to do school virtually which would allow him to graduate. But as it got closer, he began to become concerned that he wouldn’t be allowed to walk graduation and take place in those things,” said Duane Pittman, Chief of Police in Napoleon Township.

After that, police say, students, school resource officer Mark Hodshire, and a Principal at Akerson Lake School began receiving threats.

“He was basically gonna shoot up the faculty if he was not allowed to walk and not allowed to graduate.
He even admitted once that if he was arrested at the jail and interviewed, he told Sgt. Hodshire that he was gonna stab him in the neck and the back, and he was gonna shoot principal Zach Kannan,” said Pittman.

This triggered an investigation by Napoleon Township Police Department. With enough evidence from staff and students, a search warrant was issued for his home.

“We recovered a shotgun, we recovered several knives and a sword,” said Pittman.

But officers found more than weapons.

“There was a lot of hateful type of books, ideology, swastikas hanging in his room, a flag. Some other information indicating that he is pretty close to a white supremacist I would say,” said Pittman.

Police arrested Mann on Friday, June 3. He faces charges including threats of terrorism, an intentional threat to commit an act of violence against a school, and a domestic violence charge from February involving his girlfriend.

He is being held in the Jackson County Jail.