JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – An 18 year man old is behind bars after being accused of setting a home on fire with people still inside. 

Two women were hospitalized after they escaped flames and smoke from the home on Seymour Avenue in Jackson early Monday morning. Neighbors were woken up by the sound of loud pounding noise.

“I’m still asleep and then I hear her banging on the window and I opened the door and she like help me help me and I see she had smoke and stuff all over her,” said one neighbor.

When he looked outside he says all he could see were flames engulfing the home next door. A 69-year woman was able to escape the house but suffered some burns. Police also say a 40-year-old woman jumped from the second story to escape breaking her ankle. A family dog did not make it out. Police say they were able to locate the 18-year-old Trenton Ganton in the area.

“The investigation led to the subsequent arrest of him and he was lodged in the county jail,” said the Director of Police and Fire for the City of Jackson, Elmer Hitt.

Ganton was officially charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder and 2nd degree arson. The cause and motive for starting the fire are still under investigation, but police believe the fire began near the back of the home.

“We do have some information that an accelerant may have been used but nothing to confirm at this point,” said Hitt.

Police say both women are recovering, and the home is a total loss. Ganton’s bond is set at half a million dollars with a max sentence of life in prison.