JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Daniel Mahoney is now halfway through his first term as Jackson’s mayor.

It’s a time that’s come when so many people struggled both during and after the pandemic.

Mahoney says it’s been personal for him serving the community through everything during his time in office.

“They are my people. These are my people that I represent in Jackson and it’s way deeper than me just being seated as mayor,” said Jackson Mayor Daniel Mahoney.

The mayor says this year he’s proud of the work that’s been done in the community by law enforcement to address issues like gun violence. That includes the creation of the cities gun violence intervention program.

“I think it’s a tool in the tool belt to be able to help reduce the violence. I think that in combination with the work that we did at the summit to reduce gun violence. All of those things are working to keep that as an issue at the forefront,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney says there’s still a long way to go with several challenges facing the city. For him, that starts with working to address homelessness, housing, road repairs, and attracting more businesses downtown.

That includes using the $4.5 million that’s set to update the Martin Luther King Jr. Corridor on Jackson’s south side. It’s a project he hopes brings something many people are asking for.

“We should be able to see us breaking ground on a grocery store sometime in the next 12 months is what I would assume,” Mahoney said.

Other projects include the revitalization of the downtown Hayes Hotel. He expects there is more to come on that next month, but for now, Mahoney says he has a message for the people of Jackson.

“City council, city staff, the city manager and I are all looking forward to continuing to serve, and push and prosper Jackson in a forward position,” Mahoney said.