JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — National leaders say the baby formula shortage is growing, with new reports show the out-of-stock rate jumped to nearly 74% in the last week.

That’s up by 4%.

Here in the Great Lakes State, moms are stepping up to help each other.

“I just have kind of that mantra and that life motto that you care for the least of these and that’s these babies right now that need to be safe and need to be fed,” said mom, and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Jackson, Libby Cross.

Cross says seeing near-empty shelves where baby formula once was broke her heart.

“Not knowing if you’re able to feed your babies is just one of the worst feelings in the world.”

Now Cross is stepping up to help other moms like Salena Taylor. Together, they’re working to educate and distribute hundreds of cans of formula to moms in need.

“Serving families, feeding the babies networking partnering with other groups in the community to make sure that moms are getting the formula that they are not able to find out there and that we have available,” said Founder of Partial to Girls, Salena Taylor.

Taylor first opened this room during the pandemic to help struggling moms get the resources they need through her organization partial to girls. It helped them stock up before the shortage hit.

Taylor says she’s lost track of how many cans she’s given out.

“What we are doing here is once you make that initial contact with us it’s our priority to get your baby fed.”

Many of the cans were also donated from nearby hospitals and the community.

“Oh, it is so beautiful. It is so beautiful to see. This is what moms need to see right now, so it’s just what has to happen is communities have to come together to support each other,” said Cross.

Cross says she also encourages moms to sign up for free breastfeeding classes available in Jackson. She’s started a Facebook page full of resources and tips.

For other ways to donate or if you are in need of help, here is a link to the Partial to Girls Facebook page.