JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Connie Johantgen-Poisson, was one of the many Jackson community members who showed up to Horace Blackman Park for Wednesday’s annual law enforcement memorial.

It was a time for fallen officers to be honored and remembered.

For Connie, it meant remembering her brother, Niles Johanchen an Atlanta officer who died while on duty before Christmas day in 1991. The father of two was just 32 years old.

“Since we became aware that the Jackson Police Department had been putting this together, my family has been here every year, to honor my brother,” said Connie.

Since the late 1990s, she has shown up to place a white carnation on a wreath alongside others.

“And the flowers that are put on it, are put on it by the families of fallen officers,” said Jackson County Sheriff Gary Schuette.

It’s also about honoring the many public safety officers who risk their lives every day, through thick and thin.

And as if to hammer that point across, during the ceremony, firefighters received a call and took off running to their trucks, putting on their gear, and tore-off sirens blaring.

“It never ends, right, it doesn’t stop just because we are putting on a ceremony it doesn’t stop… We are constantly on call, and constantly responding to the needs of our community,” said Scheutte.

And the appreciation was seen, with dozens of people coming out in solidarity.

“We fill this park, and I think that’s incredible. It;’s a testament to the people in our community and just how much they support law enforcement, and we truly appreciate it,” said Scheutte.