JACKSON, Mich (WLNS) – A Jackson County Sheriff’s Sergeant is being recognized for his actions in helping a man stranded in Michigan.

Sgt. Tom Freeman has been praised by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office after helping arrange lodgings and a bus ticket for a blind man that was stranded in Michigan.

During a call to America’s Best Hotel, Freeman spoke to a guest who no longer had the funds to stay at the hotel.

The man had traveled from Little Rock, Arkansas to Michigan after falling for a scam. The man was completely blind and had all of his belongings stolen while in Michigan.

The man managed to make his way to the Jackson Police Department where an officer arranged a stay at America’s Best through a St. Vincent program. Eventually, the program ran out and he was left with nowhere to go.

While speaking with the man, Sgt. Freeman learned that he hadn’t eaten in two days and that all of his possessions had been stolen.

Freeman then purchased a bus ticket to Ohio, where the man had relatives waiting for him. Freeman also bought food and water for the man. He then made contact with the bus driver, a retired police officer, and made sure that the man was cared for during his trip.

Sgt Freeman’s selflessness would have gone unnoticed, if not for another Sergeant that discovered the bus ticket on Freeman’s computer.