JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — If you’ve ever received a delivery or dropped off a package in or around Jackson, you might have heard the voice of Judy Thomas.

For nearly fifty years, Thomas has served her community at UPS both as a driver and behind the counter.

It’s a job she began as a young mother in 1975, and one she’s held every day with a smile on her face.

“A smile means a lot,” said Thomas. “That means you are paying attention to somebody that means that somebody matters, and I want everyone to know that they matter.”

Thomas’ contagious spirit rubs off on every person she comes into contact with.

“She is the most caring person I have ever met,” said UPS On-Road Supervisor, Jamison Russ. “She cares just as much about the person who’s worked here for a week than the person who’s right behind her in 2nd place who’s been here almost just as long.”

While Thomas is not thinking about retirement, she hopes she’s remembered for one thing.

“The thing I have strived to be is kind because there is so much people who are not,’ said Thomas. “I want to be that one person who says yes because she was kind.”

It’s a legacy she says she will carry with her with every package and every person in the community she gets to meet.

“I’ve showed up every day for 47 years, and I hope that’s meant something,” remarked Thomas.