JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Have you ever heard of the Kilted Santa?

It’s an idea Justin Fairchild came up with two years ago when the pandemic was weighing down the holiday spirit.

“I kind of wanted to leave the year on a good foot, so I asked my group community, what do you guys think of me delivering presents on Christmas Eve to kids and everybody loved it,” said Fairchild. “So, we started the Kilted Santa project.”

Now it’s a Jackson tradition.

It starts by making a list of families to adopt with the help of several organizations.

Then on Christmas Eve, Fairchild packs up his car with toys and makes surprise deliveries to kids.

“I love seeing the kids and their reactions when Santa shows up that’s pretty awesome, but they’ll open the door and say who is it? It’s Santa and they’ll look, and it is Santa,” said Fairchild.

There will also be a few random stops.

During his route, Fairchild looks for evidence of kids or welcome Santa signs.

“We have different presents for different ages, so I’ll stop at the house and say ‘hey I’ve got presents for your kids, what are their ages and their gender’ and that way I can just run out and grab presents for each of them and it’s a pretty fun process,” continued Fairchild.   

Fairchild hopes to give out more than a hundred toys, and in the process inspire the community on the power of giving back.

“It’s the way you imagine Christmas should be,” said Fairchild. “After the magic starts leaving.”

The kilted Santa Project is currently taking donations that will go directly to buying gifts and wrapping supplies. If you’re interested in donating, check out this link.