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Jason Russell is a former secret service agent. He’s also a dad of three. So he knows first-hand the threats that kids face at school. Today, Russell shared his expertise with teachers and school officials in hopes of helping keeping kids safe.

“I think the secret service is so big on prevention. It’s all about putting layers of prevention in place. So I think the concept of applying those layers of security and saying ok the physical security is a layer the process and the plans is a layer. The training is a layer. And really having the understanding to address those layers,” said Russell. 

Some of the topics today included using the right security systems at the door and how to respond once an incident has begun. Russell travels to schools all across the state. He says one of the biggest challenges is that people aren’t getting the proper training. 

“Probably the biggest issue is the lack of training. We don’t train staff enough how to respond we just expect that  they are going to know based on the fact that there is a book in the room or somewhere that exists with the emergency plan in it.”

One superintendent added, programs that encourage students to speak up about problems before they happen have been invaluable.  ​

“That engagement with our student body more so than any bricks and mortar stuff that we do is really what we found to be the most successful, said Assistant Superintendent of Human Resouces at saline area schools, curt Ellis. 

At the end of the day, the goal is to stop bad things from happening to good people. 

“We want our kids to feel comfortable and everybody’s kids to feel comfortable in school so when their teacher can tell them hey I know what to do because I have been trained. That helps everyone out.”

If you are interested in having Jason Russell partner with your school. There is a link below to his site.

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