Quality Dairy CEO Ken Martin holds one of the convenience store’s signature products, French Onion Chip Dip, in front of a display of QD brand ice cream.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A quality partnership has been struck up between two staple businesses in Lansing.

Starting in early May, LAFCU ATM service will be readily available at all 27 Quality Dairy (QD) stores.

“Separately, Quality Dairy and LAFCU have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to provide quality service to mid-Michigan residents,” said Ken Martin, Quality Dairy CEO. “Together we are doubling down on local service from two local companies. Our customers will be well served by LAFCU.”

Both businesses started in Lansing in 1936, making them both 86 years old.

“Placing an additional 27 ATMs within the community increases convenience for LAFCU members to get cash on the go or to quickly make deposits,” said LAFCU CEO Patrick Spyke. “It’s also an opportunity to serve a broader audience and support a valuable local business.”

But ATM services aren’t the only perk coming from the partnership.

Specials on QD items, as well as a loyalty card that offers 5 cents off per gallon of gas at the seven Quality Dairy Exxon Mobil Fuel stores will be available to LAFCU members.

Loyalty cards will be available to LAFCU members starting in June.