LAINGSBURG, Mich. (WLNS) — Mounds of freshly planted grass and dirt were torn up at a baseball field at Bates Scout Park. Not from players’ cleats– this time by vandals in a car.

Raymond Cole is a Board Member of the Laingsburg Youth Baseball League, and he says the vandalism ruined three seasons’ worth of work.

“Looks like someone drove either like an ATV or a truck across the fields,” said Cole. “Pretty much damaged all the work that we had put in this last fall, spring, and summer.”

Baseball players were greeted with tire tracks cutting through newly laid down grass.

The fields were revitalized in a fundraising effort to make the park area a better place.

“We had the kids out here working on the fields, prepping for them to come in, and they came in and seeded it this past fall,” said Al Rodriguez, the President of Laingsburg Youth Baseball League. “You know don’t ruin your communities’ gems that you have in the areas.”

Cole said that fixing the field may set the league back.

Both the group and city will have to find a new way to rebuild.

“We’ll contact the company who came out here to do it, and try to see what we can do to salvage what we have,” continued Rodriguez. “So we are looking to put in some fences to be put in, so we can keep vehicles from coming on the property here and causing damage.”

The mayor of Laingsburg said they are looking into putting up security cameras.

Members of the baseball league hope whoever is responsible steps forward.

“It’s blatant, it’s disrespectful,” said Cole. “I don’t think they should be prosecuted in any way shape or form, but at least make them pay for it.”