Lake Trust Credit Union and the Lake Trust Foundation have rallied together $25,000 in support of Michigan State University’s Spartan Strong Fund.

“The tragedy that occurred at Michigan State University in February left many Michiganders devastated for those impacted and our team and Lake Trust members were actively seeking a way to help,” said David Snodgrass, Lake Trust President and CEO.

For every transaction that Lake Trust members made with a Lake Trust debit card on March 9, Lake Trust donated 25 cents to the fund. Lake Trust team members also opted to contribute through a payroll deduction from March 6-12.

“We hope this donation will go a long way in providing support to the students, staff and community members as they continue the journey of healing from the violence that occurred on campus.”

Michigan State University facilitated the Spartan Strong Fund following the mass shooting on campus Feb. 13, which killed three students and injured five others.

The fund’s purpose is to “provide support for the evolving needs of the individuals most critically impacted,” according to the university’s website.