LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Our clocks ‘Spring Forward’ on Sunday, but snow has once again taken over mid-Michigan. There are no flowers right now, but instead an accumulation of snow on the roadways and sidewalks. 

Steady light to moderate snow showers will continue throughout Friday morning. With the snow in place, and temperatures close to freezing for the entire day, travel will still be hazardous this morning. For that reason, today is still considered a Weather Aware Day.  

As of 8 a.m. the Lansing area had gotten roughly 4 inches of snow.

Winter Weather Advisories from the National Weather Service will expire at 11 a.m.

Shortly after that, the snow will begin to taper off. An additional 1-2 inches of snow will be possible in the morning.  

However, once the snow ends, winds will begin to pick up. Gusts of 30-35 miles per hour will be possible this evening and continuing into the night. This will allow wind chill temperatures to drop into the mid-to-upper teens for most of the area.

Snow plows will be out clearing up the roads, but if you are looking to clear your driveways, American Family Insurance said to stretch your muscles prior to shoveling. They said it should be approached the same way as a trip to the gym. 

Another tip they have is to dress for shoveling. Hands and feet should be protected from cold and wet snow to prevent frostbite. 

Also, they said to work on your form, and try to focus on lifting with your legs and not your back. 

Now, luckily ice is not an issue Friday, but the snow buildup will require teams to be outside all day. They said it will be a long day ahead, but that they have seen worse.