LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – General Motors reported a stronger-than-expected fourth quarter with record-level profits in 2022.

Coming out of 2022, GM says it led the U.S. auto industry in total sales and had the largest year-over-year market share.

The company thanked its workers who have had a tough time in recent years, dealing with work stoppage layoffs and parts shortages.

As a result, workers will receive a profit-sharing check of up to $12,750.

GM says that’s a $2,000 increase from 2021, and the highest workers have ever seen.

“These profit-sharing checks have a direct impact on the workers obviously, but also on the community so, we are really pleased that it has come out this way,” said GM Executive Vice President Steve Carlisle.

After recent investments at plants in Flint and Bay City, GM officials said the company is better prepared to gear up with even more production of electric vehicles.

GM added that the Delta Township plant and Grand River plants had really good years in terms of sales, specifically the Cadillac V series.

“I just can’t say enough for what they have done to lift the brand, to lift the Cadillac brand, and put us back on the map that’s all thanks to the efforts of the tremendous teams we have in Lansing,” said Carlisle.

GM said its commitment to going all EV by 2030 is still a goal.

Especially with a $1 billion EV battery plant set to break ground right down the road.

“I’m excited, that just provides more jobs and more opportunities, and it gives us a footprint in the community,” said Mark Baldwin, Quality GMA Coach at the Grand River Assembly.

Workers here in Lansing are excited for what’s to come.

“Working here having this kind of volume and the products out on the road, is just making Lansing a better area,” said Repair Group Leader Kelly Rumsey.