Lansing mayor debuts plan for racial diversity in LFD

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Lansing mayor Andy Schor is announcing a plan that he says will ensure racial sensitivity and fair treatment within the Lansing Fire Department.

In a news release, Schor said that the LFD is one of only eight departments in the state to achieve a Class Two Classification for Public Protection, placing the department in the top 2 percent of the state.  The department earned that ranking by demonstrating its fire suppression abilities.

Schor said the department continues to hold racial diversity and sensitivity training.

To expand on that training, Schor is proposing a seven-point plan.

CREATE A CADET YOUTH PROGRAM – The fire department will create a program to hire cadets who can be educated and shown opportunities offered by the Lansing Fire Department. 

CREATE AN APPROPRIATE MIX OF PARAMEDICS AND EMTs TO ENSURE EFFICIENCY AND DIVERSITY – LFD is approaching an acute need for paramedics due to retirements and promotions. Hiring a mix of paramedics and EMTs will widen the pool of available candidates and lead to a more diverse workforce.

MAINTAIN A WORKFORCE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE DIVERSE COMMUNITY – Right now the ethnic make-up of the LFD closely follows the diversity of the city’s population. By growing the Cadet Youth program, and mixing in paramedics and EMTs, it is expected that diversity will continue to reflect the community.

TRAINING – LFD will continue to have regular racial sensitivity trainings that go beyond online classes.


THE CITY WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE QUALIFIED FIREFIGHTERS – They will be ready to respond to any emergency in the City of Lansing.

THE CITY WILL ADDRESS CONCERNS APPROPRIATELY – Schor says all concerns will be addressed through the city’s Human Resources Department. If citizens have concerns with the LFD they will be encouraged to bring them to the independent Fire Board of Commissioners.

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