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Lansing mayor unveils road repair plan

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) - Lansing city officials will be spending more money to fix the roads in the next fiscal year. 

Lansing mayor Andy Schor just unveiled the next "Road Project Plan"  and includes work on several major streets. 

City officials finalized the plan after a series of neighborhood meetings, where people described what they'd like to see happen in Lansing. 

The city is also providing some interactive maps and resources for people to see where the money will be spent.

The funding for the repairs comes from a combination of sources and for the first time ever, 100 percent of Lansing's $2.1 million road millage funds will be used for road projects.

An additional $400,000 will come from the city's General Fund specifically for infrastructure work.

This will be the first time in four years that a portion of the General Fund will be used for infrastructure.

"It's tremendously important to me to be first, gathering opinions, and then be transparent in the plan moving forward," said the mayor. "People are still going to comment, they're still going to call and say 'what about this, what about this, so the plan is fluid, but we have a vision, our vision will be fluid as we need to make changes, but this is the generic direction we're going in."

The mayor added that the city is still committed to complete pothole repairs in neighborhoods with an average 48-hour turnaround.

To see those interactive maps click here.

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