LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing administrators are hoping the city will be prioritized when lawmakers dole out state dollars for local cities, and Mayor Andy Schor said the city deserves special treatment.

“Every city is going to ask for money and Lansing is no different,” Schor explained.

The capital city is unique, and is losing potential revenue from the state.

For example, with all those buildings downtown, the city does not collect one penny of property taxes from the state.

In fact, it loses about $4.7 million every year.

Because many state employees still work from home, they don’t pay the city income tax, and local businesses have seen their profits decline with less state workers downtown.

Mayor Schor argued if the city of Detroit or Grand Rapids lost a major employer, that the state would jump in with both feet.

“So now, we have a major employer who is working remotely, we aren’t seeing the income tax, and businesses are not seeking the benefit,” Schor said.

The mayor and the Lansing Chamber of Commerce are asking lawmakers for $530 million to clean up Brownfields, $50 million for the Board of Water and Light and over $9 million for the airport, plus a hefty $30 million to upgrade the Lansing Center.