LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — People who live on Wayne Street in Lansing are left cleaning up after a police-involved shooting that left one person dead. 

On Thursday around 5 p.m. the Lansing Police Department got multiple calls about a man pointing a gun at people in the area of Irene Court.

Both Lansing Police and the Michigan State Police responded to the call and when they arrived, they said they heard shots.

At some point officers spotted a man who matched the description. Police said the man showed a handgun and threatened the officers while walking towards them, and that’s when the shooting occurred.

Three MSP troopers are now on paid administrative leave, as well as one Lansing Police officer.

People who live on Irene Street said they could hear shots being fired within their neighborhood Thursday afternoon, which is what prompted multiple calls to police.

Sue Mayes said 35-year-old Nicolas Micko had a history with police

“I saw some very odd behavior from him for many years.”Other neighbors remembered Micko differently, saying they did not have any issues with him.

Both Mayes and other people who live on the road said police blocked off the neighborhood as they investigated.

“I stepped out on my deck and I said can I talk to somebody? And the officer said ‘”‘Ma’am go back in your house and stay in there,” said Mayes.

Across the street, Josephine Jones said she was with her grandchildren when the shots rang out.

“He was still standing there and he was shooting and shooting and all of a sudden he took off and ran towards the end of the street and that’s when I heard gunshots. And I guess that’s when it was all over with,” said Jones.

One woman on neighboring Wayne Street said she saw a man outside her home waving a gun as she was pulling into her driveway. She quickly sped away and called 911. The woman also claims the man broke into her home.

On Friday, the woman is left repairing her door that was shot out. She also showed 6 News the bullet holes left on the outside of her house.

Jones said her daughter was sitting in her room when a bullet shattered the bedroom window.

“God saved her because I am a praying person and god saved my child,” she said.

She also showed 6 News other bullet holes around her home, including one in another room.

Further down the street, another woman says her mailbox was shot during the shooting between police and the man.