LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A local organization made sure that no person was hungry on Easter, hosting a free lunch for those in need.

Cardboard Prophets hosts the lunch event once a month.

“Sometimes you feel like you’re all alone and when your out there alone and you you feel like you have no one to turn to,” said Mary Moralez, an event attendee. “You have all these beautiful people they give you so much good advice. They help with things where to go and places to reach out.”

Moralez was at the lunch to help her sister, who she says has fallen on hard times and could not physically come to the event.

“She’s struggling anyways but she struggles even more if she didn’t have stuff like this,” said Mary Moralez. “They give you food, they give you clothing. And then they let you know about different avenues where to get extra clothing and you know how to help pay your bills and all that.”

Organizers said they designed the event to fit every need a person could have.

“We have people here that will give prayer, we have people here will council, we have people here that will give job training, we have people here that have resources for housing. Its important to have all that here,” said Mike Karl, the president and founder of Cardboard Prophets.

Karl said that sometimes all it takes to help someone is just being there when they need it most.

“The biggest thing that I can teach about today is showing up,” continued Karl. “Give that love no matter how you feel somebody needs you and that’s important.”

If you would like to get involved or need help, Cardboard Prophets hosts a free lunch every second Sunday of the month.