Lansing police are investigating after talk of gang activity in the city

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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The possibility of a gang is causing concern for people who live in the area around Sandhurst and Averill Drive. This is not far from Waverly road.

Lansing Police Chief Daryl Green told 6 News that they are taking this very seriously. LPD added extra patrols in the area after receiving reports of concerning graffiti.

“It’s a very quiet neighborhood normally,” said one woman who lives in the area. “We have a lot of retired people a lot of working people on this street, some families have moved in.”

But now, she said things are changing.

“The last I would say month or two is when we’ve noticed some things happening around the neighborhood,” she said.

Other people who live in this neighborhood said they’re noticing more graffiti.

She said, “And it says bloods and it was in red and I was like woah, that’s not good.”

“Yeah I see that graffiti on the sidewalks,” said one man who also lives in the neighborhood. He has lived in the area for more than 50 years.

“It’s concerning,” he said. “My son has considered me, us leaving or something or moving.”

“I had somebody reach out to me saying she drove by a couple of times and people got in the car and chased her down and they were hanging out of the windows, shouting at her, almost crashed,” said the woman we spoke to. “So it’s becoming more and more fluid every week.”

Chief Green said the department is monitoring the situation and, “I can’t validate that there’s any type of gang there, but certainly what has been posted is alarming.”

We showed a video to the chief of an interview we did two weeks ago with a protester. The protester talked about protesters in portland being taken in unmarked vehicles by agents, but during the interview, he also talks about gangs in lansing.

He said the Pirus and the Gangster Disciples are located on Sandhurst. The protester said, “Come over there try to take somebody. I dare you. I dare you. Your momma gonna be picking out caskets and flowers.”

Chief Green said, “Very concerning and that’s the first time I’ve seen that video. It’s alarming to see that type of video and definitely we have some great partnerships with our federal partners and state partners would like to get a copy of that video and make sure we do a deep dive of proper understanding.”

The woman who lives in the neighborhood said, “Anything that could be nothing. I want to call and report to get more police presence out here. We really want this taken care of.”

This is an on going investigation.

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