LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lansing Police Department says they’re cracking down on reckless driving.

A recent tweet and Facebook post from LPD shows a car being impounded after driving recklessly and drag racing in the Lansing area.

Police say on Friday, May 13, they got multiple calls about cars driving recklessly on S. Cedar St., then going on to do burnouts in nearby parking lots.

Officers flooded the area and took action, police say, and an arrest was made for reckless driving.

In addition to an arrest, a total of eight moving violations were issued by Lansing Police for speeding and various careless driving violations.

“Drag racing, reckless driving, & exhibition of speed will not be tolerated in Lansing. If you plan to drive recklessly on our streets or parking lots then you can plan to lose your car & pay up,” Lansing Police said.