LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — An alleged drunk driver ran off the side of the road, went airborne, hit a power line, and nearly hit several houses before rolling into the street in Lansing.

The whole incident was somehow caught on the dash camera of a Lansing Police Department officer.

“Sometimes a drunk driving arrest will land right in front of you… literally…” Lansing Police said on social media.

The crash happened on Cedar Street near Cesar Chavez Avenue.

The video came out as the department says it will be cracking down on traffic violations during New Year, also known as a “maximum enforcement period.”

The driver ‘somehow’ only had minor injuries and was arrested for Driving Under the Influence, LPD said.

“This could’ve been a tragic outcome. There is zero excuse to get behind the wheel drunk. Report drunk drivers by calling 911,” LPD said.

“Now you add wet roadways, slippery roadways, you know you are having to increase your stopping distances, different things like that. You’re adding another layer of opportunity and chance of harming yourself or others on the roadways,” said oPfficer Anthony Vandevoorde.

According to the date and time tracker at the top of the dash cam, the crash happened on Dec. 3.

Check out the crazy video at the top of the page.