LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It took the Lansing Police Department 10 days to release video footage of the officer-involved shooting that occurred on Oct. 4.

According to Chief Ellery Sosebee, the department wanted to release it as soon as possible, but first they had to go over every single second of the video before sharing it with the public.

The goal is to be as transparent as possible, Sosebee said, but gathering evidence is a process that involves time and technology. He said some departments have more resources than others when it comes to getting videos like this out.

He also said that putting the video out while the investigation is ongoing is not traditional, but he believed in needed to be done.

“The state police and the attorney general’s office does not want us to share anything, including the video that we did,” said Sosebee. “But for the sake of transparency, we decided to go ahead and put that video out prior to the investigation being complete.”